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Elicto ES-800 5 in 1 Vacuum Spin Mop

Elicto ES-800 5 in 1 Vacuum Spin Mop

Elicto ES-800 5 in 1 Vacuum Spin Mop


The All-In-One Tool To Fight Dust And Debris While Mopping and Polishing Your Floors.

From deep cleans and capturing pet hair to quick  cleans and versatile hard floor solutions, The Elicto ES-800 5 in 1 Vacuum / Spin Mop does it all!



Advanced Dual Spin Mop For Efficient Cleaning At Home And Beyond

Equipped with enormous suction power and an array of unique features for effective vacuuming and mopping, Elicto ES-800 Cordless Vacuum / Spin Mop is a standout wet and dry vacuum for floors and other surfaces alike.


Features Of Elicto ES-800 Cordless Vacuum

  • Powerful Suction Force Of 250,000 PA
  • Air Purifier Quality H13 HEPA Filter System
  • 5 Stages Of Micro Filters
  • Washable Filter
  • Cordless
  • Powered By A Long-Lasting Samsung Battery
  • Water Supply System For Wet Mop Cleaning
  • Dual Spin Mop Attachment
  • Ultra-High Performance BLDC Motor
  • Three-Stage Power Control
  • LED Battery Level Display
  • Increased-Size Dust Bin of 500ml
  • 5 Different Nozzle Attachments
  • Bed Cleaning Attachment
  • 50 Minutes Of Uninterrupted Cleaning Time
  • Ergonomic Design To Reach Any Crevice
  • Convenient Angle Adjustment Fit For Awkward Places
  • Integrated UV Light
  • Anti-Slip Handle Preventing Hand Fatigue


One Powerful Tool For All Cleaning Needs

Clean efficiently and conveniently with the inbuilt automatic water supply system that allows wet and dry cleaning of any space. Enjoy Elicto ES-800's smart vacuum and mop design with a Dual Spin Mop Attachment that allows for effective wet cleaning and dust absorption at the same time.


Forget Fine Dust

Elicto ES-800's double H13 HEPA Filter System with additional 5 Stages Of Micro Filters ensure the most efficient dust collection off surfaces and prevents fine dust from being released back into the environment.


The Right Power For The Right Cleaning Applications

Control Elicto ES-800 Cordless Vacuum / Spin Mop’s power with its convenient three-stage button-powered suction control for different cleaning applications. Adjust settings according to the surface and ensure efficient vacuuming of debris of any size.


Cleaning Made Easy

Equipped with five different nozzle attachments for convenient cleaning of any space, Elicto ES-800 Cordless Vacuum / Spin Mop provides an exceptional vacuuming experience by reaching even the narrowest nooks and crannies. Vacuum door openings, beddings, or flooring and leave no dust particles behind even in the darkest of places, with an integrated UV light lighting up your surface while disinfecting.


Air Purifying

Elicto ES-800 Cordless Vacuum / Spin Mop’s filter system doubles as an air-purifying solution for your home. The vacuum collects even the finest dust particles and blocks 99.9% of fine dust from inside for complete dust relief and air pollution reduction.


Technical Specifications

Full Charging Time - 4 to 5 hours

Run Time - 50 minutes

Suction Power - 25,000PA

Dust Bin Size - 500 ml


It's Time To Change Your Cleaning Method

Vacuum and wet mop your space with Elicto ES-800's 5-in-1 innovative cleaning solution that leaves no dust or dirt behind for a sparkly clean home!